In order to master the different traditional techniques, the student of the plaster subject goes through all the steps of producing a sculpted and well finished product, starting with mixing the plaster with water and ending with the colouring of the panel.

List of modules and components of modules Theory craft -Plaster-

Module and semester

Module and semester Module component Volume hour
Theory craft  1 : S1 Raw Materials Plaster 30 60
Construction materials 30
Theory craft  2 : S2 Wall interface / decor 30 60
Materials characterization methods 30
Theory craft 3 : S3 Manufacturing processes 30 60
Architectural layout techniques 15
Reading architectural plans 15
Theory craft 4 : S4 Standardization and test methods for plaster and plaster products 60 60
Theory craft 5 : S5 Second building works 30 60
Interior architecture 30

In fact, for a better understanding of the physical and chemical changes that accompany the mixing operation, the Academy organizes sessions at the laboratory level for the benefit of students, in order to consolidate all the concepts acquired in the "Theory craft" module. ".