AAT's highly-qualifeid staff offer students, which offers students the opportunity to benefit from an education which combines theory and practice. The teaching staff is made up of 166 teachers recognized in their fields of expertise.

In addition to temporary and permanent teachers-researchers, engineers and architects, and artists and designers, AAT students are also fortunate to benefit from the knowledge and rich experience of the great master craftsmen who have left their mark on craft works throughout the Kingdom, some of whom contributed to the construction of Hassan II Mosque.

The AAT also call upon foreign experts involved in the transfer of new techniques to enhance the quality of students' creative work, which will allow the creations of our graduates to transcend local boundaries to become international.

The teaching staff of the calligraphy subject is composed of Moroccan and foreign calligraphers among the most qualified teachers of Arabic calligraphy, university teachers, language teachers and IT specialists.