Word from the director

Handicraft has been and will remain an important way to social acceptance, professional integration of young people and the promotion of domestic tourism and a considerable asset to the radiance of the rich and diversified artistic heritage of our country,.
In this perspective, the Academy of Traditional Arts, attaches great importance to the apprenticeship of trades, provided by the best master craftsmen of the Kingdom as well as all the theoretical knowledge related to it. Training at the Academy of Traditional Arts makes the student acquire a dual character, associating manual dexterity with scientific, cultural and artistic perception.
While being concerned with the preservation of ancestral national know-how in terms of traditional art and its faithful transmission to future generations, the Academy involves in the curriculum of each subject (course of study), in addition to research professors and master craftsmen, Moroccan and foreign artists and designers of national and international renown who bring to our students the taste of the creation in order to allow them to answer and to be in phase with the trends of the moment. Various internships carried out by our students with the craftsman, in cooperative or company, complete the training and provide our graduates with the necessary skills to bring revival to traditional arts, but a revival in continuity and respect for tradition.
In conclusion, I would like to address young people who want to join our academy to tell them that:

  • Becoming part of AAT is a grand école (higher education establishment) that gives a future to the past and to be part, after graduating, of an elite of young professional artisans, entrepreneurs and creators in the fields of traditional arts;
  • To enter the AAT is to be formed in a Grande Ecole close to its students, where everything is organized to make relationships with them close, personal and human, a school that stimulates the talent of young people, which makes them more creative a school where everyone is assisted, helped and advised throughout his educational path.
  • Becoming part of AAT means living in the best conditions, in the best conditions, training in traditional arts, in beautiful workshops, in the vicinity of Casablanca’s Hassan II Mosque with the sensation of learning your future trade at the heart of a privileged site, a real museum of traditional arts that has offered the prestigious artisans of the Kingdom a vast field of inspiration and creation.
  • Entering the AAT means being part of a school that works for the transition from a social sector to an economic sector with a constant concern to recognize and promote excellence. To join the AAT is to put oneself in the conditions for success by giving the best of oneself to contribute actively to the renewal of our ancestral cultural heritage.  

Welcome to the Academy of Traditional Arts,
The director