The training provided at the Academy of Traditional Arts, is a high-level vocational and academic training in the craft trades. Its mission is to train a new generation of young master craftsmen entrepreneurs capable of safeguarding and promoting ancestral national heritage in traditional arts.
The duration of education for each technical specialty is fixed at 3 years divided into six semesters. The training includes theoretical and practical courses, seminars, conferences, workshops, fieldwork and internships.
The first five semesters are dedicated to teaching and education. The last semester is reserved for the End of Study Project (ESP), including the achievement of a traditional work of art accompanied by a report of design of this work.
The training at the Academy is divided into two big blocks:

  • 50%: manual learning of trades;
  • 50%: lessons in related disciplines (Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Technology, Design, Information Technology, Management, History, History of Art, Archeology, Anthropology, Languages, etc.)

The Academy of Traditional Arts offers students 9 technical courses divided into 5 main specialties, in addition to training in Calligraphy: